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This is a QR code I made on UniTag. If you scan it, it will take you to my wiki page.

business card- online.PNG

In ICT, we made our own business cards. We learnt what information is safe to put on the web.

Tagxedo heart HannahB.jpg
These are the Tagxedos that I have made in class about my self

Hannah. Baric peace tagxedo1.jpg
tagxedo QR code HannahB.PNG
This QR code will take you to the Tagxedo Website. Have fun making your own Tagxedos

Bullying wordle.jpg
Bullying tagxedo Hannah Baric1.jpg
This is a Tagxedo and a Wordle about bullying

Wordle Hannah.jpg
This is a Wordle I made about myself.

wordle qr code hannahb.PNG
Scan this QR code and it will take you to the Wordle website and you can create your own Wordle

This is a link to a Word document that I made.
I have made five rules for using email.

This is a link to a Word document that I made.
It is my Wordle with a picture as a background.

This is a link to a reflection I did in class, on
my Wordles and Tagxedos.

This is a short animation I made on ABCya.

This is a reflection I did on making my animation.

Pivot animation

In class, we have been making pivot animations. Below, I have published one of mine. It's called 'Portal.'


It is nearing the end of the school year. Next year I will not be doing this wiki. I hope you enjoyed all my work.

Thankyou to Mrs N for teaching me and helping me.