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I love spongebob


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Goodbye everyone at St Roberts primary school. I Hope everyone has a good time at school for the rest of the year. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I want to congratulate Mrs N, because she is fabulous and she teaches you a lot of things. She taught me to always think outside the box. Hope you like my blog!!!!! from Grace in Grade 6SP.

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Guess who i am

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This is a QR code I have made in class

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This is a fancy QR code I made with a picture of Spongebob!

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This is a bullying poster I made to stop bullying

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This is a wordle I made about the things I like

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This is also a tagxedo I made about myself
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this is a safe business card I have made about the things I love my hobbies and my website blog!!
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this is a buisness card i made

This is a movie I have made about a girl falling off a skateboard.

This is a movie I have made about my friends Jessica and Bridget
doing gymnastics!!!

This is my reflection about my work

Here are five rules for using emails