qrcode.13914181 (1).png
My QR code for my wiki page

bisness card 1.jpg
This is my card to give to people and put it on the internet

unitag 2.png
This is another qr code done on the unitag website

five rules email.JPG
Five rules on how you should use an email that we did in class

wordle daniel.starcevic.jpg
My wordle

Daniel wordle pic1.jpg
My wordle that has a soccer ball in the background my favourite sport

tagzedo1 daniel.starcevic.jpg
My tagxedo on myself


1:What did you make
- I made a animation on ABC YA animator about a crash.

2:What did you learn
-I learnt how to make the animation move and make it move naturally.

3:How could you use this in class
-I could make a movie about all the fun time we have had in St Roberts.

Pivot Animation

This is the Pivot movie I made for a project in class.