avatar bridget (2).png
This is my avatar that I made.

bridget fancy qr code.png
This is a fancy QR code that will lead you to my wiki page so go ahead and scan it.
qr code visual lead bridget dowling.PNG
This is QR code and you could make one like this one on Visual Lead. If you scan this QR code it will lead you to the link.

Bridget tagxedo.jpg
This is the tagxedo I made

This is the wordle I made about myself

Bridget wordle pic.jpg
This is my wordle in front of a picture

Bridget websafe.PNG
This is my websafe business card that has no personal details

I made an animation about the neighbourhood and people enjoying their everyday life.
I learnt how to use the animating programs and how to make them move and tell a story.
I could use this in class as a presentation to make it more fun and engaging.

Pivot Animation