This is a business card that contains no personal information. This makes it safer.

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This qr code will take you straight to tagxedo
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This is a QR code for my page. I made it on

I made two animations, one about littering and the other is a car crash. I learnt how to make a series of frames into a movie and
how to convert a file. I could use this in future inquiry presentations to enhance my performance.

Pivot Animation
Watch the movie on Pivot.

Watch the movie. 'The Market Walk'.

April tagxedo.jpg
This is my tagxedo

wordle 3.PNG
This is a tagxedo with a wordle on it

This involves a tagxedo and wordle. The bird is the tagxedo.

wordle 2.PNG
This is my wordle

wordle 4.PNG
This was created when I was trying to make my artistic word cloud

April wordle pic.jpg
This is my artistic word cloud

wordle 5.PNG
This is a wordle and another wordle with a transparent background

tagxedo 2.PNG
This involves two tagxedos